Our precious world is composed of many different races, nations, political affiliations, religious affiliations, and philosophical perspectives; but, despite our differences, we all share the transcendent desire to be happy and live in a universally happy world.  This kind of happiness is possible!

Soren Sorensen, director of the Center for a Better World

My name is Soren Sorensen and I believe that our world and its inhabitants (not just humans) are extremely precious and should be protected and nurtured with every thought, word, and action. I also believe that as we become evermore conscious of how our thoughts, words, and actions influence and alter each other and the world around us, we naturally become evermore individually and collectively responsible for the well-being of our world.

Many years ago I asked myself this powerful question: “What one change in the world would have the most significant positive impact on the long term health and happiness of the world?”

After much meditation and contemplation I came up with several powerful answers that all support this “highest” answer:  “The change from a generally divided, demoralized, and disempowered human family with no common purpose to a truly inspired and empowered human family that is consciously united by the desire to help create an ever-better world as ethically, effectively, efficiently, and enjoyably as possible.”

Can you imagine the result?

We can create this world!

Please join me, and many others all around our beautiful planet, by making a personal commitment to help create a better world. This intention is the highest of all intentions and our intentional family is growing larger and stronger every single day!


The Alliance for a Better World

Love without borders,

Soren Sorensen

P.S. Your comments, suggestions, and questions are always welcome.

FAQ: What, exactly, is a “better world”?

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